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Letter Delivered to Sarah Palin

Letter to Governor now posted.  Read the Page “Open Letter to Sarah Palin”.

Will Governor Palin address Israel’s Knesset?

Will She be the woman into whose hands will fall President A. of Iran, Little Man?

Will Sarah Palin reset America’s friendship with Israel – that was so cruelly thrown under Obama’s infamous bus?

Is Alaska the last frontier of our liberties?

ALSO READ POSTINGS BELOW:  “Dear Bibi (open letter)”, and “Sarah Palin to Address Israel’s Knesset”.

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Bibi’s Job

“Telling the truth is the key to everything good – but it takes immense courage.”

James Lewis

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Dear Bibi (Open Letter)

The Prophetess Deborah answered, “All right I will go with you, but you won’t get any credit for the victory, because the Lord will deliver [A-jad] into the hands of a woman”.  Book of Judges, 4:9

A-jad of Tehran, you have already been delivered, upon the streets, into the hands of the women of Iran.  They will hand you off to the righteous will and prayers of Queen Esther.  No fitter end could be had of you, and yours.

King Cyrus, pray for us.

Arafat, how’s Hell?


China Confidential reports:  “In 2010, Israeli Leaders likely to have to chose between Mass Death in Iran or Mass Death in Israel.”

America Thinker reports: “America Retreats – Mullahs Advance” (James Lewis)

Atlas Shrugs reports:  The “Islamic Tet” is now upon us.  Armour up.  It will only get worse.

I thump this report on your desk – do something!

At least you can hear out Ambassador Bolton.

Heads up!  Read this.  Seriously.  Is President Obama Burning his Bridges to his own intelligence community?




Dear Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu,

I’m not even Jewish and yet my heart is sick, fallen into despair.

Love you, Bibi. But it looks like you may be bowing lower to Obama’s White House than he did to those foreign potentates?

Tell me it isn’t true.

What’s up? Do you need me to come to Israel and address the Nation? Snap some spines straight – maybe even yours? Me, an American , a Christian, giving voice to Jewish instincts. The shame of it!

It’s not about me, not even you. One only needs to lift up his eyes unto the hills from which comes salvation – look-about and behold – the Brothers Maccabees are cresting the Judean horizon.

Or, maybe not . . .sad be that.

■ ■ ■


Off in the eastern distance, some devil noise is shattering the skies, deflocking the olive trees of birds, scurrying the hares down their holes. It had already shrieked to deafness the decree and vow of King Cyrus.

Heads up!

Don’t you hear the distant whistle of Tehran’s Islamic vow snaking westward, sizzling a scorching path to Tel Aviv. The Devil’s winging Israel’s way.

Are you ready?

But whoa, Bibi! What are you doing? Don’t go there. Do you need me to stand on the tarmac in front of your plane like some Tiananmen Square accidental protester?.

Going to Washington will not wing Israel out of the Devil’s way – not this present White House. Obama’s White House is no fortress fastness, no stalwart friend, hip to hip, pulling swords against common foes.

Who told you President Obama will pick up your 3: am phone calll? That damn phone will jolly ring until the blast wave levels Jerusalem.

■ ■ ■

But there is something you can do, even at this hour.

It’s not too late to signal your resolve to both the White House and that whizzing Islamic Buzzard.  There’s still time to raise (quickly, unmistakably) a Maccabean battle signal.


By planting the White & Blue on every summit and rise of Judea that once sheltered the Brothers Maccabees; by possessing once more (and forever) the incarnate land of Covenant.

You know, as I, that when the Islamic Buzzard whistles for the dogs of war, the apocalyptic fire will first be lit in Ramallah (even more so than Gaza City or South Beirut). The trigger to load the bomb on that Beastly Bird’s back will be buzzed there, first.

Why? Why Fatah? Why from Judea and Samaria?

Because the Buzzard knows, as you well do, that Fatah (that the PLO, that Arafat’s sacred visage) is, for all Western Jew haters, the hope of the world.

Fatah/PLO is, for the West, the safe-haven for all decent Jew-haters.  (Speak the truth Bibi, Israel bashing is Jew-hating – right: every torched car in Paris, every blood libel rant in Regents Park, every third resolution from San Francisco’s City Hall, the vacating of Guantanamo Bay.)

For European and American elites, Fatah/PLO is safe Jew-baiting.  When public support for Hamas and Hezballah may be two shades short of what’s allowable, Fatah will do.  Besides, isn’t there a fistful of Israelis doing the same when they are in a mood for some self-loathing? To such folks, there’s no moral hazard crawling under Arafat’s ever crowded shroud sheets!

As long as Islamic Iran can sneak a peep at those Western elites bitch-heating under those sheets, its evil is secure.  With a dhimmii West off a whoring, the Ayatollahs can count on carrying out its End-Times duty: the extermination of Israel as the Great Sign of Allah’s Mercy and Compassion, the extinction of Israel as the sign and signal of Islam’s coming apocalyptic fire.

The Ayatollahs are ass-smart enough to know that lusting after submission (to appease, to yield) has tongued a suicidal lick around the West’s own neck, cannibalizing its instinct for self-preservation.

■ ■ ■

It’s irrelevant if Fatah/PLO is, in fact, an agent of Iran, or not. Or, that Fatah is, as we are tiresomely reminded, allied to us because of their assumed rivalry with Hamas. It matters little.

Fatah/PLO was not cobbled together for the good of Palestinians. (The world needs to ‘fess up to that!) It was assembled from the double scrap-heap of Islamic Jew-hatred and the leftovers of the Nazi extermination of world Jewry.

I’ll leave it to you to tell me which is the “bigger” heap – as in big and little Satans. The point here is that Fatah/PLO (as is Hamas, or any feral pup of a bitch dog) is fertialized by both.  The nasty, poisonous weed growing from such a stink chocks any humanity from these death cults.  For Fatah/PLO, the weed, takes its nourishment from what it is not:  that it is not Jewish, not Israeli; that it has no other excuse in littering our peace than to destroy what it is not – that is, everything Israeli, everything Jewish.

Fatah/PLO is simply a tool – and in the hand of idiots at that. Arafat’s soiled sheets flap in the wind, still, to stiffen up the foul courage of his bed-mates.  Fatah/PLO props up the murderous pities of Hamas, giving Western islamists a threshold from which to view the Jew-hatred they wish was theirs. Fatah/PLO is the booze that keeps the Peace Process drunk with hope, as they eagerly stagger from one “sit down” capitulation to another, sopping up the alcoholic daze of all that “table-talking”.

For Western elites, Fatah/PLO (as precept, dogma, as proof of righteous intentions) is today’s anti-Semitic hope that Israel will get what’s coming to it: soon to be cut down to size – down to the sand under the lapping sea waves.

Bottom-line, the West’s co-dependent attachment to Fatah/PLO gives the Islamic Regime what it needs the most: a self-delusional, weakened West, with its tribute of time.

Tehran keeps a sharp predator’s eye on the knot Arafat’s scarf has around the neck of Western elites, fools, and idiots. As long as they are devotees in the Palestinian Temple, the Islamic Republic keeps the West strapped to its chair at the table, groaning with a feast of double-speak and good-feeling. Satiated on the red meat of a bloodied Israel, such table-talk is reduced to negotiations about how and when Israel is pushed to the water’s edge – and the schedule Jews will be prodded into cattle cars railing them out of Jerusalem.

Building altars in the Grove of Palestinianism is how Western self-abusers worship in the temple of Jew-hatred: pew to pew, rug to rug, with Islamic Iran. Palestinianism is the opiate religion of the West. Little else matters – especially a nuclear denuded Iran.

■ ■ ■

Mark well, it matters little to what actually happens to Fatah/PLO.

Islamic Iran, in getting the West sprawled drunk across that peace table (and with Israel under it), can have it either way. It can wrestle Fatah/PLO down on the mat, pin it in a choke-hold till – coming up for air as a supplicant bidder of its will. Once down, the Ayatollahs will position Fatah/PLO as the last bead on its string of Jihad entities circling Israel. (Call that Arafat’s final deathbed ejaculation for Israel’s end.)

Or, Iran can sic Hamas (and their snarling ilk) onto Fatah/PLO, hounding it into Arafat’s grave.  Once buried, its wobbling rule will be replaced with Hamas’ pure, fanatical, totalitarian Islamic tyranny. (Though, off the Western script, Fatah is no less so.  We’re not fools.)

Point being (bottom line), to Islamic Iran it doesn’t much matter which option is chosen. In fact, it can double-agent both.

■ ■ ■

And you, Bibi, you know all this.

The reports are on your desk. There, that’s right, on the left side, next to your cup of joe. Yes, tucked under the one about another damn suspected nuclear site, 21 kilos southwest of still the other one you received Wednesday, last. “Thank God”, you whispered secure-line to General _____, “at least this one is within the longitude/latitude scope we had agreed upon with _______ .  (No, not with him!)  It can be taken out by the delivery matrix we’ve now positioned (for arrival) at “0” clock hour, Israeli time; set to be launched from _______ or ______ operational base.”  (The O.B. which could be home territory, sea, or ________.  With that last option, as you know, being key.)

As for spreading Eagle wings over Iran, Persians are wanting and waiting, Yes, Bibi. the report on that is under that one too.  The want of Persians is one intelligence President Obama has studiously ignored.

■ ■ ■

So, what should Israel do?

First, correct a past mistake – a monumental adjudication of common sense – when Israel gave the PLO, and that hellish Arafat, its first cubic inch of Judean soil; along with giving it a green light to cannibalize even the bodies and souls of Palestinians. (How long, O’ Lord, until the Left mans-up to the truth, that it is they, their ideology, who are the true exterminators of Palestinian hopes for honest liberties.) Confess and place that sin on the back of the goat.

Second (the urgency is now), prevent both Islamic Iran and a kowtowing West from using Fatah/PLO to flag victory on the battlefield – and, on the part of the West, to evade responsibility.


By marching to the hymn of Israel’s ancient and modern founding.

You know the song

Israel must re-occupy, re-claim, and re-settle Judea and Samaria.

Israel must do the Macabbean thing, knock a Fatah/PLO “West Bank” out of the equation.

The fiction of a “West Bank” is mostly a Western dream, wet and sticky from adolescent fantasizing. Such delusional political porn only emboldens an Islamic Iran, for it keeps a punch drunk West belting out lounge-lizard songs.

Occupy, claim, and settle. No better line can be written in the sand.

■ ■ ■

Palestinianism is the holy grail the West has made from all that squirming between Arafat’s shroud sheets. As long as Tehran, and Islam’s jihad everywhere, can kneecap the West into unrolling prayer rugs in the temple of Palestinianism, the clerical fascists of Islam will win. The West will be doomed.

The Islamic Buzzard understands all this. That is why Iran will use Fatah/PLO (through absorption or destruction) to signal the flight of the Beastly Bird for the immolation of Israel, and the West. On that day the Buzzard will outdo the Roman Titus and salt Jerusalem with nuclear ash.

■ ■ ■

So, why are you doing it, Bibi?

Why the appearance? Why the look of it? Why does it appear that you are heeding Obama’s snarling demand – to do his bidding by tossing every stone of the Western Wall into the Jordan Valley? Heaving and throwing will gain Israel nothing – except the loss of its identity and will to live.

Tell me Bibi, is that the Jewish way? It’s not. For no amount of heaped up stones outside Jericho will satiate this White House’s distaste for Israel: its devilish hope that the Great Buzzard will take note and invite them to pull up a chair and butt-sit at that Grand Talking Table.

Bibi, tossed stones will not break the flight of the Islamic Buzzard.

What will it take for Obama to learn that Buzzards are carrion birds – like little Satans pecking at verses in the Qu’ran? There’s precious little time waiting for the arrival of that adulthood!

In its cannibalizing desire to yield, submit, and appease, Western elites are staggering to fall under Islam’s sword. They will gladly bare the neck if it meant Israel’s death march into the sea. That way, every Jew-hater can ejaculate their dreams of paving Palestinian byways with Jewish tombstones – as they once bricked the walkways to German ovens?

Time, as we said, is short – and it is now.

■ ■ ■

Bibi, the operational plan to do the right and righteous is also on your desk – do I need to describe on which side and under what!!
Eventually you will need to up-flight God’s Great Eagle over the Islamic Republic – and, if need be, drop the sun itself.

But, first, you must go to Judea and Samaria to show that damn bird up.  Reclaim the House of Maccabees and broadcast the Lord God’s will (and the prayers of King Cyrus) that His Eagle will raid the Buzzard’s nest: crack, squash and crush the eggs and chicks laid upon Israel’s borders, before they morph into devouring beasts.

Could be.

Maybe that would be enough to clip the Bastard Buzzard’s wings – clipped by you dog-hounding the Buzzard’s islamic chicks. Those scrawny necked chicks, under their feathery down, are nothing but Little Foxes circling the gardens of Jerusalem. Bastard Buzzard eggs do hatch litters and packs of carrion scavengers and predators.

■ ■ ■

Go ahead, do the work of righteousness.  And as you go about, worry not for the souls of Persians. They have shamed us all with their laid down bodies. Bibi, the Gates of Tehran cry out for such deliverance that you can give.

Watch for it. Within days, the streets of Tehran will be carpeted with signs reading, “Bibi get off your butt”! Persians know unwrapped turbans can hang a hundred Hamans high.

■ ■ ■

If reoccupying, reclaiming, and resettling Judea and Samaria is not as spectacular as a dropped down blazing sun, it will, without doubt, signal to the world that the Eagle is loading up, is on the tarmac . . . ready to take flight.

What’s stopping you? Surely, not a drop-knee White House . . . . not a laid low PLO/PA with Hamas crouching on its back . . . . not the fellowship of spiked coffee on J-Street . . . .not a joyride lark on the new jihadist ‘upper tier’ superhighway stretching from Tehran, Damascus, Beirut, to Old Constantinople . . . . and, certainly, not a discount ticket to the dhimmi brothel Europe has become.

So, what’s it going to be, Bibi?

■ ■ ■

Once more, do I need to come to Jerusalem so I can say all this – face to face?

Or will you be coming by way of California? I don’t live far from San Francisco. There’s a sweet little grill tucked a couple of turns from the Consulate on Montgomery Street. A manly sort of place. Only ask that I’m seated facing the door with my back to the wall. The other day, received an odd little note from a guy in Africa.

What a chat we will have. One day, history can put a plaque on the table (and in San Francisco, no less): “Here, the world was saved by Brave Bibi”.




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Sarah Palin to Address Israel’s Knesset

[Do read “Open Letter” to the Prime Minister.]

Dear Knesset Member,

Am an American – so what!  Ain’t Jewish – so what!  Never been to Israel – so what!  But, I am concerned.

Troubled over Israel. Concerned over Israel’s temptation to faithlessness, with what looks like a lack of Maccabean ways to secure her identity, let alone her borders.

Guess it can put into a question – by the time I get to Israel will she even be Jewish? Hell, why not go for this one – do I even have the time to spurt ahead of the New Age Titus before Jhe pulls Jerusalem down to her foundations, and salted?

So, I have a request.

■ ■ ■

As Knesset members, you know the times are near apocalyptic. Many failings have made these times what they are, but one thing can be said with assurance – for it is certainly whispered among you) – the trigger failure is President Obama, and the spoiling Little Foxes in his administration.

From the ache deep from within its foreboding hates and fears, the Obama administration has ignited the spark of danger.  Has done it by its appeasing ways, with its panting after islamists.  But, above all, it has pulled the trigger of danger by falling on the sword of its premier dogma: that America is only good when it is cannibalizing the very foundations of its liberties, the grace of its own founding.

Thus wounded, the Obama White House lathers on the salve of appeasement.

The Gates of Hell have been crow-bared open. Behold, the apocalypse is upon us!

■ ■ ■

Good Lord, Israel, give us time! An exhibition of testicular balls now and then.  Maybe the Four Horsemen can be hobbled on the wing of a prayer – and your boldness.

No doubt about it, it is true. There is something the Knesset can do.

Acting boldly you can rein in Obama’s galloping damage, staunch the bleeding of God’s blessings from our shores, and blow spittle on that spark of his.

■ ■ ■

Since it is an American voice that has paralyzed America’s God blessed affection for Israel – his – why not open your hall to an American voice that will boldly counter Obama’s.

Open the curtain.  Dare the Knesset to be the stage upon which that bold American voice can give President Obama’s a good shout-down.  Such a voice would remind us that the friendship covenant between out peoples is worth more than a thousand Oslos – and a hundred Obamas. Such a voice would affirm the heart of the matter, that, beyond the toss-away diplomatic nod of Israel’s right to exists), it is the very mystery of Israel’s being that is at stake.

A true-blue American voice would acknowledge what should never be questioned – the grace (dare we say, Natural Law) of Israel’s particularity.  America understands this as no other peoples, for it knows the gift (stewardship) of its own exceptionalism.  For, among the several streams that fed into America’s own founding, the ‘mystery of Israel’ is written over the story she tells of herself.

Invite that American voice to the Knesset.

■ ■ ■

Americans, as a people, are mainly ignorant of the deep darkness of Obama’s disregard and distaste for Israel. If they only knew . . . knew of the shattered glass shards littering the Obama Administration . . . they would rise up, raise the barricades against all this chic Jew-hatred of our present age.

Likewise, if only Israelis understood how much America (beyond Manhattan and DC’s Belt) glories in Israel’s success; how often America takes heart from Israel’s brave shepherd David self; how, in many American homes, Israel’s wars are fondly remembered with thanks to God.

Do!  Show the bally fortitude God gave the Brothers Maccabees. Invite America’s true voice to the Knesset podium.  Watch it revel in its natural affection for Israel. Be the stage upon which that America can call the alarm; power up the truth so the moral sewage flowing down Pennsylvania Avenue, masking as Israel bashing, is exposed as the Jew-hatred that it is.


President Obama’s Cairo speech has, as intended, done its damning damaging work.

Who gives a witch’s witty tit that it was billed as a ‘message to the Muslim world’.  It was also (maybe mostly) delivered to bully the conversation back home in America. Obama took to the pulpit in Cairo, with the Muslim Brotherhood front and center as his snarling signal, to reconstruct our talk about Israel.

Words spoken in Cairo were meant to reconstruct Israel’s story, both her ancient and modern history. The genius of his speech was meant to redirect the movements of our heart away from Israel (and all things Jewish) and bind them, with neck collars and ankle shackles, to the controlling myth of an islamist Middle East – let alone, a caliphate world.

To Obama, Islam is the genesis.

■ ■ ■

That day in Cairo, President Obama set the sly foxes of Jew-hatred loose to spoil the garden of America’s natural affection.

The times are dangerously short. Daily, the signs of it stir the troubled waters before us. They are unmistakable. And the greatest sign among them (for it is the one all islamic Jew-hatred “was waiting for”) is the deep-rooted disregard for Israel that gnaws within Obama’s bones.

Gnawing, chewing the cud of suspension, of envy – but to what end?

■ ■ ■

Of course, Obama’s White House will mimic the expected diplomacy; but when it mocks support for Israel’s security, there’s constipating pain on the face.

Which is relieved by what? When his mapmakers draw Israel’s borders along the shores of the Mediterranean?  Maybe.  When the cattle cars rail into ancient Jerusalem carting away the Jews?  Could be.  But, can we be assured that Obama has not thrown those mapmakers and rail conductors under the bus?

Don’t be as assured – by words.

We glimpsed the movements of Obama’s own heart in that, now, infamous photo the White House broadcast to the Islamic and Arab world: he, in the Oval Office, talking to the Prime Minister on the phone, his feet up on the desk with his shoe soles thrust into the camera. The White House knew full well the symbol of it. No greater shout-out of his disregard for Israel could be made. Image perfect, here is Obama’s message to the Muslim world.  Words in Cairo be damned.

■ ■ ■

So who was it? Who injected this snarl against Israel into Obama’s bone marrow?  Who and what filled the syringe?  Was it powered in the red diapers his mother swaddled him with?  Spiked in those beery talks he had, down Honolulu way, with Frank Marshall Davis?  Inserted between the lines in his huddles with Bill Ayers?  Absorbed from the catechism rants of Pastor Wright?  Telegraphed in the winks with the likes of Farrakhan?  Spooned into the humus he fingered-dipped with Rashid Khalidi?  On those tipsy strolls down J-Street?

Pray, sweet Jesus, he didn’t, some restless night, pick it up from that nasty little book by Edward Said.

Maybe it matters little – who shot it up, by whom, and when: as a boy, as a youth, as a man. The point being, Barak Obama has, with apparent ease, bedded down under the sheets with Israel-haters.

■ ■ ■

The both of you, Knesset Members and Prime Minister, know this – all this White House snarling, all this sour disregard. Such a knowing must have sat lumpish-like in the Prime Minister’s throat on those Washington visits: when he was told to approach the White House under the cover of night, in unmarked cars, and dropped at the back door – as some dhimmi Jew keeping clear of sidewalks, walking the gutters.

But we must (we must) resist the depression and discouragement of such images – this staging of Israel’s humbling.  It doesn’t ring true against the clear and clarifying tones of Israel’s Maccabean instincts – and America’s natural affections.


Those damn foxes may nip, but we will get the better of them.  The hound of America’s love for Israel will pin them in their dens.  But we need you to set the trap.

Snatch the blueprint of Obama’s house of cards, rope it up the flag post, let the blustery winds of truth flap it about for all to see – that islamist prison-house slyly crafted from his Cairo speech.

Someone needs to call a prophetic ’shout-out’ against the carnal-house Obama’s Cairo speech has constructed for Israel, America, and their covenants.  Someone is needed to huff and puff that jailhouse down.  Someone needs to sic the Lord’s wolfhound against the pesky foxes, the warden of jailed liberties set loose, stalking our mutual friendship as they please.

What’s needed is a trek back to the quarries and forests our forefathers had worked, fetching the original stone and timber, and rebuild our household of affection, so cruelly torn asunder,. Someone needs to raise our common flags and pull that blueprint down

No time to waste! The hour is upon us. This is the day for deeds. Not only for Israel’s sake, but also her friends.

■ ■ ■

Support for Israel, in America, is weakening.  Obama’s White House is a fault here, as it sprawls across center stage, assuming no one will challenge their snarling disregard of Israel’s security and Jewish identity. They are counting on the clubbing they have given Israel:  that it has been so bloody, so public, that it has, effectively, silenced Israel’s friends.

The White House had to bloody Israel up, for it needed to clear the boards of any voice that dares to challenge their islamist “narrative” for Israel:  the rise of “Palestinianism” as the Left’s premier dogma of an infallible religion.  Here is the true opium of the people ; one that asks, for nothing less, than that Jews be masked, carted off, and penned against the sea.

Obama’s White House wins if no one out there (forcefully, publicly) calls their bluff, crashes the gates of their Palestinian idol house, and chops down their sacred groves.


No one, you say?  But there is – Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska.

Pamela Geller over at Atlas Shrugs wrestles down the Governor’s voice, for us: “Palin’s Pro-Israel Positions are a Michaya.” , and this regarding her stane against Islamic Iran.

And here’s this: in her own words, Palin says “It’s War”.

She could do it – Gov. Palin – returning to center stage America’s natural affection for Israel, and give it, once more, a national voice.

■ ■ ■

So do it. Do the bold thing.  Send the WHite House some over due sleepless nights. Time is not only short, but tightly wound.

Do it! Invite Governor Palin to address the Knesset.

■ ■ ■

Oh, for the picture of it!

Sarah Palin addressing the Knesset, and all Israel, would reconstruct – energize, revolutionize – America’s commitment to Israel. Reaffirm the founding of America upon Israel’s own ancient foundations.  Reestablish within the American mind and heart the very fact of Israel, the very truth of her.

Governor Palin, behind that podium, would give nothing short of the righteous word.  Think of it, a speech in Jerusalem to wash out the Cairo one.

Palin standing in the Knesset would snag and electrify the American public – well, those not squatting Manhattan, Washington’s Beltway, or Harvard Yard.  America longs to hear, once more, those four strong words, “We Stand with Israel” – hammer-sledging ones to tear down the wall Obama (and his ilk) have raised between our peoples.

That’s the way it was, and shall once more be:  The Chosen Nation, and the Almost Chosen One, standing up for and upon our covenants.

Hell, she can take this one step further (into the land of war, if must be) and declare the mystery that is no secret: Jerusalem, down to the Temple Mount, is God’s Jewish footprint.

Sarah Palin is a woman who understands the high and volatile stakes involved. She is someone who knows houses are not built with cards or upon the sands, but upon the rock of liberty – God’s great gift of Jewish grace.


Remarks are encouraged for the sake of free speech. Comments are not moderated, but comments that are “off-topic” and “slanderous” will be removed. Replies and comments that are posted DO NOT imply endorsement by this site Get Bibi Off His Butt, by the owner or provider of this site, and the author of its Posts or Pages. Likewise, linkage to other sources do not imply endorsement of those sources, or those sources’ endorsement of the content of this site.

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